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Portfolio for Timothy Raines

Work in progress


Vision is a multipurpose vision library powered by Unity’s new high-performance multi-threaded Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS).


Experienced developing high performance code using Unity’s new Data-Oriented Technology Stack.


Allows prospective clients to visit a future communities and tour the facilities such as rooftop decks, fitness centers, units, lobbies and just about anywhere using just a smartphone.


An original immersive psychological horror PC/console game introducing novel game play including states of mind that affect perception and abilities.


Multiplayer mobile strategy video game inspired by Minecraft and Clash of Clans.

Companion App

Provides users with statistics, achievements and leaderboards. A store front for upgrades that provide the user optional extension of the game and easy access to support pages.

Web Booking

Custom booking solution for a golf course to deal with dynamic business hours and variable pricing.