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Vision is a multipurpose vision library powered by Unity’s new high-performance multi-threaded Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS). It is an extremely flexible tool that can be utilized to handle fog of war, auto mapping, AI and more. This allows it to utilized in most genres of games from MOBAs, RPGs and Roguelikes to ARPGs, Stealth and RTS games.

Utilizing DOTS and a wide range of optimization techniques the library achieves amazing performance even on Mobile and can handle

  • 1000s of Entities on Desktop
  • 100s of Entities on Mobile


  • High precision minimizes and even eliminates most penetration
  • History
  • Height Support using Contours
  • Field of View
  • Teams
  • Object Highlighting
  • Dynamic Obstructions
  • Easy Post Processing lets you customize the output however you want
  • Shader Support
  • Observation Tracking for AI
  • Hidden System
  • Culling
  • Frame Slicing
  • And more!

Coming soon to the Unity Asset Store!